Zhiwei Zhao

I graduated in July 2011. My PhD thesis is about the human resource management strategies of Chinese crewing agencies and the impacts on Chinese seafarers and China’s seafarer labour export. Thesis title: The Human Resource Strategies of Chinese State Crewing Agencies with Special Reference to Labour Export and the Experience of Chinese Seafarers


After my graduation, I worked at SIRC as a research assistant for almost half a year and started my career at DMU from February 2012. Currently I am a lecturer, based at Transport Management College, teaching Maritime Economics. I also conduct research on Chinese seafarers. I am now involved in two research projects. One is a project about the employment relationship of Chinese seafarers commissioned by Ministry of Transport of P.R.China. It is to provide a basic analysis for China’s implementation of Maritime Labour Convention 2006. The other project is for a big state-owned shipping company, regarding how to optimize the manning management.  


In June 2012, I submitted a research proposal to the Maritime Safety Administration of China, about researching ways of improving Chinese seafaring labour export by analysing the views of foreign researchers and foreign shipping managers about Chinese crewing agencies' management. The final result will be released in Sept. 

I have been working on the Martha Project about seafarers fatigue with another 4 European Universities and research institutes since 2013. The project will be ended by July 2016. I also join in the Global Manpower Supply and Demand Project led by BIMCO and ICS since 2015. I am now holding a Postdoc position at the University of Southern Denmark. I am a lecturer at Dalian Maritime university, based at which I am directing the Seafarers International Development Research Centre.

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