Isaac Mensah

My research interests include, sustainable livelihoods, sociology of risk, fisheries planning and management, seafood market analyses and research methods.

I will be working on the topic ‘‘the dynamics of risk, vulnerability, poverty and coping strategies among small-scale fishers in Ghana’’. By focusing on small-scale fishing communities in the central region of Ghana, the study seeks to understand how small-scale fishers perceive and cope with risks and poverty. The aim is to address how some fishing households are able to remain resilient and less sensitive to shocks and stress while others fail.

Prior to Cardiff University, I obtained a Master of Science in International Fisheries Management from the University of Tromso, Norway in 2010 and a Bachelor of Science in Administration from the University of Ghana in 2004.

After my undergraduate studies, I worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Ghana Business School briefly. I then moved on and worked in the banking sector for about 3 years. I worked in a branch located in a city, which is also the major hub of maritime and fishing business in Ghana. It was during this time, that my latent interest in maritime sector became activated.

I enjoy nature, politics and working with student and youth groups.   


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