Cardiff University

Cardiff University is the largest university in Wales and is a member of the Russell Group of leading UK Universities.

The School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences (SOCSI) includes within its main subject areas: Sociology; Education Studies; Criminology; Social Policy; and Social Work. It is a large School with 170 staff and a thousand undergraduate and graduate students. In line with the University's mission, SOCSI is "research-lead". This means that it gives the highest priority to research and is always on the lookout for new adventurous scholars.

The Seafarers International Research Centre

The Seafarers International Research Centre is part of the Cardiff University School of Social Sciences.

SIRC was established in 1995 with a view to conducting research on seafarers. The Centre has a particular emphasis on issues of occupational health and safety. It is the only international research facility of its kind and has built up unparalleled experience of research in this field.

SIRC aims to:

  • Produce independent, high quality, research relating to seafarers' lives.
  • Develop work in relation to contemporary social debates (for example debates
    around globalisation)
  • Disseminate findings widely across the maritime and academic community.
  • Stimulate greater interest and understanding of seafarers and their lives.
  • Contribute positively to the welfare of seafarers.

The Nippon Foundation and the Fellowship Programme

The Nippon Foundation is a Japanese grantmaking organisation that was founded in 1962 with the primary purpose of supporting the revitalisation of Japan’s maritime industry. Over the years the Foundation’s sphere of activity has expanded inland from the oceans and now encompasses most of the globe. The Foundation has been supporting various philanthropic activities in over 100 other countries in the world in areas such as education, health and social welfare.

While pursuing such expansion into new areas, The Nippon Foundation has also continued to initiate pioneering ventures in the maritime field. In recent years the Foundation has been focusing its support efforts on capacity building initiatives aimed at better equipping the international community to tackle the multitude of critical issues related to the oceans.

As part of their activities The Nippon Foundation funded students to undertake maritime-related social science research at the Seafarers International Research Centre. The objective of the programme was ultimately to create an international network of social scientists conducting research on seafarers. 

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