Conghua Xue

Conghua’s research interests lie in the investigation and analysis of the factors that shape maritime safety cultures. Perspectives from seafarers, maritime administrations, MET institutions and shipping companies will be surveyed, and measures for promoting such a culture will be identified and highlighted.

Following graduation from Nantong Shipping College (NSC) with a diploma in Navigation, Conghua has worked on different types of ocean-going ships as an OS, AB and a second deck officer. Conghua also has a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from the Peking Normal University in China, and a Master’s degree in Maritime Affairs from the World Maritime University in Sweden. As a lecturer at the Nantong Shipping College, he mainly taught nautical students maritime communications and maritime English. He was also the deputy director of the foreign affairs office and the head of maritime English section for the college since 2004. He was appointed as an Internal and External Auditor for the Quality Assurance Standards of Maritime Education and Training in China, which was authorised by the China Maritime Safety Administration in 2006.

Conghua has been actively involved in the foreign affairs of the NSC, and has visited maritime colleges/universities for the purpose of academic exchanges and co-operations in Singapore, Australia, Canada and the US in recent years. He has been an individual member of the IMLA (International Maritime Lecturers Association) since 2003. He has published some articles as the first author/co-author on professional journals. In September 2007 the College honoured him with the title Excellency Individual.


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