Jean Ver Pugal Pia


Country of origin: Republic of the Philippines


Brief Statement of Research Interest

My research interests have developed in relation to issues of regulation, globalisation, and seafarer health, safety and well-being. My Ph.D. thesis explores seafarers’ work and employment experience of how the standard employment contract (POEA-SEC) is effectively implemented and enforced by the government and the employers. My interest is likewise geared towards seafarers as migrant labour to illustrate their position in the global world industry.



I am Director of Overseas Shipping Service at the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). I graduated from the University Of Santo Tomas Philippines where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts (AB) Major in Political Science in 1994. I attended San Beda College, Philippines where I obtained my Bachelor of Laws (Ll.B) in 1999 and entered the Philippine Bar in 2000. As Sasakawa Foundation scholar, I obtained my Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Maritime Affairs specializing in Maritime Administration from the World Maritime University, Malmö, Sweden in 2003. I am a SIRC/Nippon Foundation Research Post-Graduate Fellow at the School of Social Sciences of the Cardiff University where I earned my Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Science Research Methods in 2011. I am still in the writing stages of my Ph.D thesis.


Related publications

Pia, J.V.P. (2014). Effectiveness of the enforcement and implementation of the standard employment contract for seafarers (POEA-SEC). Presented at: International Symposium on Governance, Change and the Work Environment at Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom, 2014

Dacanay, J.S.J.A., Abila, S.S., and Pia, J.V.P. (2014). Standard employment contract of Filipino seafarers: A source of protection or restriction? John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University Maritime Journal, pp. 42-51

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