Aditi Kataria

Aditi's research interests lie in in-situ workplace studies, language and communication issues in the multilingual, multi-ethnic and the multicultural work environment in the global shipping industry. Aditi has a background in Sociology, Management, English literature and Education. 


Aditi’s academic qualifications include PhD (Sociology),  MBA (Dual specialization in Human Resource Management & Marketing), MA English, BA (Honours) English (2nd University rank) and BEd and Diploma in Social Science Research Methods (Distinction). Aditi obtained her Ph.D. from Cardiff University in 2016. She pursued her  doctorate under the aegis of the SIRC–Nippon Foundation Fellowship Programme of the University. Her doctoral research is an ethnographic exploration of ship–shore VHF radio communication. It is an ethnomethodological workplace study that illumines in situ work of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators engaged in the routine tasks of monitoring and coordinating marine traffic. 


Her work experience includes research, school teaching, working for the print media – The Times of India newspaper (Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd) as an Executive for Research and Market Development and has also served in the Royal Bank of Scotland and British Gas in customer service roles.

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