Amewu Attah


I am working on the topic, “The Impact of Oil Exploitation on a Ghanaian Fishing Community”. My choice of topic stems from the fact that, with the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in Ghana, environmental and economic challenges would emerge. The oil find has certainly raised the stakes in Ghana (African Affairs, 2008) and expectations have to be well managed in order to derive the optimum economic benefits from the black gold. The main analysis centres on whether local communities benefit from resource extraction activities. In order to achieve this aim, I have highlighted the case of Ghana, a country in West Africa which has recently discovered crude oil and gas in commercial quantities, the first of its kind in the history of the country. While substantial work has been done in Ghana on the mining industry because of the nation’s long history of mining, oil and gas legal frameworks have yet to be firmed up. This thesis specifically examines the social, economic and environmental impact of natural resource extraction on a community in the oil region in Ghana. Through an examination of the impact, the thesis explores whether natural resource extraction, in this case, oil and gas activities have the propensity to deliver positive outcomes for the local deprived community.


Prior to becoming a NIPPON Fellow, I worked with the Ports and Shipping Department of the Regional Maritime University (RMU) in Accra, Ghana. Prior to my teaching appointment with the sub-Regional University, I also worked briefly with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) in Ghana’s biggest Port City, Tema. I had also taught for a year at Accra Wesley Girls’ High School. During my undergraduate studies, I also had a stint as an intern with Unilever Ghana Limited.


I generally love reading, watching movies, listening to and sometimes talking international politics. I love to see young people succeed, which has led me to mentor younger ones in my home country. I love spending time with my lovely family and would do everything to keep my family happy – they are really my motivation.

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