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Carolyn Graham presented at the International Labour Organisation Decent Work Network 6th conference and generated some interest from ILO staff present who tweeted her work. Carolyn is pleased with this as it was the only presentation on the shipping industry at the conference, and in turn will attract more interest in the area.




Congratulations to Carolyn Graham on achieving her PhD. Carolyn successfully defended her thesis on February 5, 2019. Title of her thesis: Developing Labour Standards for Representation on Ships. Carolyn wishes to thank the Nippon Foundation and her supervisors Professors David Walters and Caroline Lloyd, as well as others who helped in various ways, from those who participated in the study to those who offer guidance and support in helping her to realize this dream.

SIRC Nippon Fellows congratulate Mr. Yohei Sasakawa on being awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize for 2018.

The announcement was made on January 16 2019, by the Government of India.  The prize was awarded to Mr. Sasakawa for his work towards eradicating Hansen's disease.  For details, click on this link:’s-sasakawa-yohei-wins-international-gandhi-peace-prize-for-hansen’s-disease-work.html.


Congratulations to Amewu Attah on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Nelson Turgo; Thesis: The Impact of Oil Exploitation on a Ghanaian Fishing Community).

Congratulations to Amaha Senu on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Adam Edwards; Thesis: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of State Border Regulation, Policing and Policies on Undocumented Migration: The Case of Seafarers and Maritime Stowaways).

Congratulations to Sarah Simons on achieving her MPhil (Supervisors: Nick Bailey and Trevor Jones; Thesis: An Analysis of Maritime Piracy in Eastern Africa Between 2000 and 2010 and its impact on Seafarers' Welfare).


Congratulations to Polina Baum-Talmor on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Phil Brown; Thesis: Careers and Labour Market Flexibility in Global Industries: The Case of Seafarers).

Congratulations to Helen Devereux on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: David Walters and Emma Wadsworth; Thesis: Black Times in the Seafaring Industry: Does a Relationship Exist Between Time into Tour and Occupational Hazards).

Congratulations to Mark Llangco on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Phil Brown; Thesis: Filipino seafarers on-board cruise ships: Shared viewpoints on working lives).

Congratulations to Shahriar Mazhari on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: Phil Brown and Nick Bailey; Thesis: Certification and Competence in Global Shipping Labour Market: Employers’ and Employees' Perception of Fitness for Purpose).

Congratulations to Jean Pia on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Dean Stroud and David Walters; Thesis: Labour supply arrangements in the Philippine seafaring industry).

Congratulations to Desai Shan on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Davi Walters; Thesis: Seafarers' claims for compensation following workplace injuries and death in China).


Congratulations to Sanley Abila on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: David Walters and Sara McBride-Stewart; Thesis: ‘Case Study of Sponsored Cadetship Programmes in the Philippines’). 

Congratulations to Carolyn Graham for winning the poster competition at the Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC) Annual Doctoral Conference. Leeds University Business School. May 11, 2016. 

Prior to that, the poster also emerged as joint first place winner at the School of Social Sciences Annual Postgraduate Café Conference, Cardiff University, May 5.

For her efforts Carolyn won a plaque and commitment to cover attendance at a conference of her choice from the CERIC conference, and a book voucher from the Postgraduate Cafe Conference.



Congratulations to Carolyn Graham on winning the poster competition and a £50 gift card for Blackwell's, at the Social Sciences Doctoral Conference, June 12 , 2015


Congratulations to Manasi Dutt on successful completion of her Viva in October. (Supervisors: Lijun Tang and Ralph Fevre; Thesis: ‘Indian Seafarers’ Experiences of Ill-Treatment On-Board Ships’). Congratulations to Eliseo (Don) Lucero-Prisno on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: Gareth Williams and Nick Bailey; Thesis: ‘Navigating the Seas, Negotiating the Sex: An Ethnographic Study on the Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviour of Seafarers in the Context of HIV/AIDS’).

Congratulations to Carolyn Graham
for winning second place in The Library of Wales Review Competition 2014: University category. Carolyn reviewed ‘Country Dance’ by Margiad Evans. The Library of Wales project aims to bring literature in Wales that has been written in English to contemporary readers.


Congratulations to Iris Acejo on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and Theo Nichols; Thesis: Filipino Seafarers and Transnationalism).

Congratulations to Ngwatung Akamangwa on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: Helen Sampson and David Walters; Thesis: Global Environmental Regulation and Workers in the Shipping Industry).
Congratulations to Priscilla Leong on achieving her PhD (Supervisors: Ian Welsh and Nick Bailey; Thesis: Understanding the Seafarer Global Labour Market in the Context of a Seafarer 'Shortage').


Congratulations to Conghua Xue on achieving his PhD (Supervisors: David Walters and Ian Welsh; Thesis: Shaping Safety Culture at Sea: The Role of Communication).


Roderick GalamResearching global inequality
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Maritime Matters in the 21st Century
The 1st SIRC-Nippon Fellow Maritime Conference
22nd January 2009
This conference is an initiative of the SIRC-Nippon PhD fellows studying with the Seafarers International Research Centre at Cardiff University. The Fellowship Programme is funded by the Nippon Foundation with the aim of training maritime social scientists and developing an international network of researchers in this area. The conference is, therefore, the first in what is projected to be an annual event and will bring together Nippon Fellows, from SIRC and other institutions around the world, to discuss issues facing the maritime sector in the 21st century. To view the proceedings click here.


Fellows share their stories for the 125th Anniversary of Cardiff University:

Nelson Turgo
Victor Gekara
Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno
Lin Li

Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno: I am very elated to share with you the results of the SHINE Award (International Student Award) of the British Council which recognizes foreign students in the UK. I was judged as 'Highly Commended' among 1600 entrants recognizing my achievement as a PhD student. I am the sole winner from Cardiff University (and the very first from my country, the Philippines). My rich experience at SIRC and Cardiff University, my extra-curricular activities, my volunteer work with the Balud Project and my work in the maritime industry helped me clinch the award.


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