Conference Papers Given in 2019

Baum-Talmor, P. (2019) Issues in Researcher Positioning in a Precarious Workplace: A View from the Maritime Industry, conference paper presented at the Annual Ethnography Symposium, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK, 28-30 Aug 2019.

Baum-Talmor, P. (2019) The Social, Cultural and Health Aspects of Food in a Global Industry: The case of seafarers, conference paper for The International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences (ICCAS): Food and Society, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, UK, 26 - 28th June 2019. Available online (Accessed on 29 July 2019).

Baum-Talmor, P. (2019) Careers and Employment in Global Industries: The Case of Seafarers,  invited seminar presentation, WSMSE Research Seminar Series, Solent University, Southampton, UK, 8 May 2019. (accessed 17 July 2019)

Baum-Talmor, P. (2019) ‘Once a seafarer, always a seafarer’: Issues in seafarers’ employment in the global shipping industry, invited talk at the University of Haifa, part of the Geo-strategy and Naval aspects conference at the University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel, 23 January 2019.

Graham, C. A. E. (2019) Guest Lecture: Supranational Regulation of an Employment Relationship: The Shipping Industry. Guest Lecturer: International Human Resource Management. Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. 11 March.

Graham, C. A. E. (2019) Guest Lecture: Who polices the State? The Role of the United Nations in Combatting State Crimes. Guest Lecturer: The Criminal State: International Issues. College of Law, Department of Criminology. Swansea University. 1 April.

Graham, C. A. E. (2019) ‘Exploring “Selective Disclosure” as an Ethical Strategy in Qualitative Interviewing.’ Becoming Fluent Field Researchers in International Politics (Ethical Reflections and Dilemmas).  Early Career and Postgraduate Research Workshop 2019.  International Politics Department, Aberystwyth University, June 20.

Graham, C. A. E. and Walters, D. (2019) ‘Representing Seafarers Health and Safety on Board Ships: The Limits of the MLC.6th Regulating for Decent Work Conference: Work and Well-Being in the 21st Century. International Labour Organization, Geneva, July 8-10.

Graham, C. A. E. (2019) Panelist: ‘McMindfulness: Ron Purser in Conversation.’ School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. August 9.

Acejo, I. (2019) Causes of accidents at sea: an analysis of accident investigation reports, SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June. 

Ellis, N. (2019) 'Changes in standards of shipboard accommodation', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June. 

Sampson, H. (2019) ‘What do we know about seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing?’, CrewConnect, Manila, 19 November.

Sampson, H. (2019) Panelist: Women in Shipping Summit, ‘Mentor-ship, role models and champions – what works?’, CrewConnect, Manila, 18 November.

Sampson , H. (2019) ‘Beyond Borders’: The Regulation of the Living and Working Conditions of International Seafarers, Global Labour Migration Conference, Amsterdam, 20-22 June.

Sampson, H. (2019) ‘Trabalhadores maritimos internacionais e transnacionalismo no século XXI’, Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais (IFCS-UFRJ), 1 August.

Sampson, H. (2019) ‘Um panorama do trabalho na indústria naval’, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), 6 August.

Sampson, H. (2019) ‘Mesa-redonda sobre trabalho e capital no século XXI’, Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), 7 August.

Sampson, H. (2019) 'Ideas for improving seafarers' mental wellbeing', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June. 

Sampson, H. (2019) 'An Everyday Tale of Life at Sea: an animation for shipping companies', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June. 

Sampson, H. (2019) 'The importance of intra-organisational understanding and trust in the shipping industry, SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June.

Sampson, H. (2019) ‘Preventing Injuries and Fatalities at Sea’, CrewConnect Hamburg, 11 April.

Senu, A. (2019) 'Going further in improving the utility of lifesaving appliances: addressing issues of training and design', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June.

Turgo, N. (2019) 'Faith and religion amongst multinational crews', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, 13 June. 

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