Conference Papers Given in 2012

2-7 July. ‘Trans-National Labour and The Implication For The Representation Under Globalisation; Examining The Case of Seafaring Labour and The Nautilus International Cross-Border Merger’, 16th World Congress:Beyond Borders: Governance of Work in a Global Economy, International Labour and Employment Relations Association, Philadelphia, USA, (Acejo, I.).

2-5 July. 'Maritime English and The Diverse Participants of Port VHF Communication', 20th International Conference on Maritime Education and Training – IMLA 20, Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz, Terschelling, The Netherlands, (Kataria, A.).

28-30 June. 'Imagined Communion, Mobile Communication and The Transnational Reproduction of Affective Ties Among Filipino Seafarer Families', Digital Crossroads, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, (Galam, R.).

25-26 June. 'Return, Integration and Sense of Community Belongingness: A Glimpse of The Seafaring Transnational Experience', Understanding the migrant experience, Centre of Migration Policy Research, Swansea University, Swansea, (Acejo, I.).

6-9 June. 'Concepts of Shore Leave in The Context of Stress', II Congress of Maritime, Tropical and Hyperbaric Medicine, Gdansk Medical University, Gdansk, Poland, (Lucero-Prisno III, E.).

17-20 May. ‘Promoting 'Equality' Through 'Difference': The Case of Women Seafarers’, 8th European Feminist Research Conference, Budapest, Hungary,  ISBN 978-963-88981-1-1, (Kitada, M.).

7-10 May. 'Here, You Can See Everyone and Say Anything”: Gossiping and Panopticism In A Philippine Fishing Community', 6th Annual International Conference on Sociology, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece, (Turgo, N.).
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