Conference Papers Given in 2011

22 November.  'A‘balikbayan’ in The Field: Scaling and (Re)producing/ Presenting Insider’s Identity in a Fishing Community', UP-CMC Office of Research and Publication Brownbag Seminar, College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, (Turgo, N.).

14 November.  'Fatigued for Safety? Supply Chain Initiative in The Management of OHS: The Case of The Tanker Industry', Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, IIT Kharagpur, India, (Bhattacharya, S.).

11-13 November. 'Middle Managers' Role in Safeguarding Workers’ Health and Safety: A Case of Leadership On Board International Oil Tankers', National Convention on Responsible Leadership, XLRI Jamshedpur, India, (Bhattacharya, S.).

11 November. 'De-Traditionalization and Re-Traditionalization of Gender Relations in Filipino Seafarer Families', Families, Identities and Gender Research Network Symposium, Cardiff University, (Galam, R.).

25-27 October. 'Health Insurance in The Philippines: The Challenges of Universal Coverage', International Conference on Global Health and Public Health Education, Hong Kong, China, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

10-14 October. 'Maritime English and The VTS', IMEC 23 International Maritime English Conference, Constanta, Romania, (Kataria, A.).

30 September. 'Maritime Piracy: Some Victim and Witness Support Challenges'. A paper presented at the Piracy Research Workshop, Greenwich Maritime Institute, Old Royal Naval College, London, (Simons, S.).

11-15 September. 'Implications of Maritime Piracy to Health and Safety of Seafarers Governance of Health and Safety of The Global Maritime Industry', XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, Istanbul, Turkey, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

24 August. 'Updates on International Maritime Law and Regulation', National Consultation Meetings on the Adoption of the Revised Philippine Merchant Marine Rules and Regulations, Manila, Philippines. (Dacanay, J.).

12-14 August. 'A Qualitative Study on Safety Reporting in The Chinese Shipping Industry', The 5th International Conference on Management and Service Science, Wuhan, China, (Xue, C.).

6-7 July. 'Seafarers and Growing Environmental Concerns: To Comply Or Not To Comply - Choices and Practices', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, ISBN 1-900174-39-1, (Abou-Elkawam, M.).

6-7 July. 'The Health and Self-Medication Practices of Seafarers', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, ISBN 1-900174-39-1, (Acejo, I., Turgo, N.).

6-7 July. 'Training and Technology: Findings from The Questionnaire Study', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, (Tang, L.).

4-5 July. ‘'Naimbag a Biag’, Cultures of Migration and Filipino Seamen’s Wives', Lancaster Intellectual Party (Postgraduate Conference), Lancaster University, (Galam, R.).

4-18 June. 'Going It Alone: Fishermen and Their Wives Living and Surviving without The State', Brown International Advanced Research Institute: Development and Inequality in the Global South, Brown University, USA, (Galam, R.).

11-13 May. 'Does Philippine’s Health Insurance Benefit The Poor?: Tackling The Issues Towards Universal Coverage', 3rd International Conference on Health Financing in Developing and Emerging Countries, Clermont-Ferrand, France, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

21 April. 'Power of the Powerless: Spectacles in Chinese Cyberspace; Remembering The Event: Power, Crisis, and Transformation', A Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference, Cardiff University, UK, (Tang, L.).

6-8 April. 'The Plural Self: A ‘Balikbayan’ Researcher in the Field', British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London School of Economics, London, (Turgo, N.).

4 April. 'The Determinants of The ISM Code', the International Conference on Marine and Maritime Affairs, University of Plymouth, (Bhattacharya, S.).

1 April. 'What are The Implications of The Regulatory Regime on Maritime Education and Training to The International Maritime Labour Market?', Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Student Conference 2011, School of Law University of Westminster, London, (Abila, S.).

1 April. 'Maritime Piracy Victim Support Systems for Enhanced Welfare of Seafarer', Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Student Conference 2011, School of Law University of Westminster, London, (Simons, S.).

11-12 March. 'On Their Own: Filipino Seamen’s Wives and The Feminisation of Responsibility', International Conference on the Ideal Woman, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, (Galam, R.).

1-2 March. 'Seafarers’ Perception of CBT On-board', The 6th MOLT (Europe) European Officer Seminar, Zadar, Croatia, (Tang, L.).

24 February. 'Risk Management on Ships: Theory and Practice of the ISM Code', Health and Safety in the Boat and Shipbuilding Industry Seminar, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK, London, (Bhattacharya, S.).

13 January. 'Safety Management System and Communities of Practice: Do They Complement?', Capitalism and Work Conference, Cardiff University, (Bhattacharya, S.).

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