Conference Papers Given in 2010

18 November. 'Oil Pollution Prevention From Ocean Going Tankers', presented University of Plymouth Marine Institute Public Event, (Bhattacharya, S.).

26 October. ''Naimbag a Biag', Cultures of Migration and Filipino Seamen’s Wives', Cardiff School of Social Sciences Doctoral Student Conference, (Galam, R.).

29 September-1 October. 'What About Skills? A Discussion of The Role of Skills in The Strategic Positioning of Ports as Essential Catalysts of Trade and Economic Growth?', 33rd Australiasian Transport Research Forum, Canberra, Australia, (Gekara, V.).

September. 'Estimating The Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits of Re-directing UK Import Containers', (co-authored), Logistic Research Network (LRN) Conference, Harrogate, (Gekara, V.).

18-19 August. 'The Perceptions of Chinese Seafarers About The New Market Economy and Their Dependence on The State-Owned Enterprises', International Symposium – 60 Years of China’s Union Law and 15 Years of China’s Labour Law: Review, Evaluation and Prospect. Beijing Normal University, China, (Zhao, Z.).

21-23 July. '(En)Countering Martial Law: Ilokano Literature, Social Memory, and The Macros Dictatorship International Conference on Post-Colonial Praxis', University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines, (Galam, R.).

18-23 July. 'Why Seafarers Remain a Very High Risk Group to HIV', XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

2-5 June. 'Chinese Seafarers’ Responses to International Religious Encounters', The Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii, (Li, L.).

31 May-3 June. 'Regulatory Approaches Governing Occupational Health and Safety of Seafarers Serving Foreign Flags (A Case Study of the Philippines)', Negotiating Rights: Legal Insights in the Seafaring Sector, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, (Dacanay, J.).

13 May. 'The Future of Skills in The Australian Ports Industry: Interim Report', National Ports Human Resources Forum, (Gekara, V.).

19-21 April. 'Mobility and AIDS: Predicaments of The Global Seafarers', Geneva Health Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

9-11 April. 'Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviour of Global Seafarers Visiting The Ports of Central and South America', 1st Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Global Health and 19th Annual Global Health Education Consortium Conference, 9-11 April 2010, Cuernavaca, Mexico, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

9 April. 'The UK Tonnage Tax: The Rationale, Performance and National Benefits', Shipping Policy Seminar, Canberra, Australia, (Gekara, V.).

7-9 April. 'Saliva as Capital: Some Local Ways in The World', BSA Conference, Glasgow, UK, (Turgo, N.).

25 March. 'The Political Economy of Training and Skilling for The Logistics Industry', Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) Seminar, Melbourne, Australia, (Gekara, V.).

15-17 January. 'Governance From Abroad: Transnational Linkages and The Politics of Decision-Making Among Temporary Migrants', Democratisation in Asia, Centre of Asian Democracy, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, (Acejo, I.).

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