Conference Papers Given in 2009

4 December. 'The Old Man and The Sea: The Conflicted Lives of Old Fishers and Fish Vendors in a Philippine Fishing Community', Ageing: Change, Challenge and Chance, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, UK, (Turgo, N.).

30 November – 2 December. 'The Management Strategies of Chinese State-Owned Crewing Agencies and The Impacts on Foreign Manning Business and Seafaring Labour', International PhD Seminar on Maritime Economics and Management, Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC), Denmark, (Zhao, Z.).

18-20 November 'Transnational Crews and Their Ways of Belongingness', International Conference on Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, (Acejo, I.).

9-10 October. 'Of ‘Housebounds’ and Wives: Gender Politics in a Fishing Community in The Philippines', Why Gender International Conference, University of Javyskyla, Finland, (Turgo, N.).

7-8 October. Bradford Postgraduate Conference, University of Bradford, (Turgo, N.).

9-13 August. 'Understanding Distorted Knowledge as a Pervasive Determinant of Risk Among Asia-Pacific Seafarers Research Challenges of Male Sexual Behaviour Study: The Case of Asia-Pacific Seafarers', 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, Bali, Indonesia, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

6-9 August. 'Studying Sexual Behaviour of Asian Men: Methodological Issues', International Convention of Asia Scholars, Daejon, Korea, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

5-7 August. 'The Concept of 'Glocalization' of Development through The BALUD Education Project', Youth and Educators Summit for the Millennium Development Goals, Makati City, Philippines, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

14-15 July. 'Politics and Propaganda in The ‘‘Official Entertainment’’: A Curious Gaze at The CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2009'. Paper presented at the Bristol Postgraduate Network for East Asian Studies Conference. University of Bristol, (Yang, P.).

8-9 July. 'Training and Technology: Potential Issues for Shipping', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, UK, (Tang, L.).

1-3 July. 'Of ‘House-Bounds’ and Wives: Changing Socio-Economic Roles of Men and Women in a Philippine Fishing Village', Lancaster Sociology Summer Conference, University of Lancaster, (Turgo, N.).

24 June. 'Binalot Talk', Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines, (Turgo, N.).

13-15 June. 'Laway Lamang and Puhunan (Saliva as Capital): Surviving Capitalism in a Philippine Fishing Village', 9th Asia-Pacific Sociological Association Conference, Bali, Indonesia, (Turgo, N.).

4-7 June. 'Finding Self Between Ship and Home: Women Seafarers’ Identities', presented at the 7th European Feminist Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, (Kitada, M.).

4-6 June. 'An Analysis of The AIDS Epidemic in The Maritime Industry; The Anatomy of Stress: The Filipino Seafarer and His Work', 1st International Congress of Maritime, Tropical and Hyperbaric Medicine, Gdynia, Poland, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

28 May. 'Spotlight on The Social Sciences', Cardiff University, (Turgo, N.).

24-28 May. 'International Seafarers as Patients: Towards a Model of an Effective Global Health System; Global Seafarers: Why Risk STI's and HIV When They Work and Travel', 11th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine, Budapest, Hungary, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

21-22 May. 'Balikbayan: The Politics/Texts of Doing Fieldwork at Home', Postgraduate Conference, Bristol University, (Turgo, N.).

15 May. 'Faith and Seafarers: Religion and Spirituality Manifested by Chinese Seafarers', Postgraduate Presentation Day, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK. (Li, L.).

15 May. 'Bugabug and Dagat: An Ethnography of a Fishing Community in The Philippines', Postgraduate Presentation Day, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK, (Turgo, N.).

15 May. 'The Dependence of Chinese Seafarers on Their Crewing Agencies', Postgraduate Presentation Day, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK, (Zhao, Z.).

15 May. 'Certification and Competence in Global Shipping Labour Market: Employers’ Perception of Fitness for Purpose', Postgraduate Presentation Day, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK,(Mazhari, S.).

6-8 April. 'Navigating Uncertain Seas: UK Maritime Sector Unions in the Fight Against Decline - The Nautilus Project', International Labour Process Conference, Edinburgh, (Gekara, V.).

3-4 April. 'Belonging to Both Camps – The Management of Women Seafarers’ Gender Identities Between Ship and Shore', presented at the Gender Futures: Law, Critique and the Struggle for Something More Conference, London, UK, (Kitada, M.).

22-27 March. 'Work, Sex and AIDS: Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviour of Seafarers; The Interplay of Stress and Work As Experienced By Filipino Seafarers', 29th International Congress on Occupational Health, Cape Town, South Africa, (Lucero-Prisno, E.).

6-7 March. 'Women Seafarers in The Gales of a Man’s World – The Political Strategies for Their Gender Identity Management', presented at the 8th ACS Women’s and Gender Studies Conference, Memphis, USA, (Kitada, M.).

22 January. 'Risking Marriage and Family: The Maintenance of Women Seafarers' Gender Identities', presented at the 1st SIRC-Nippon Fellow Maritime Conference, Cardiff, UK, (Kitada, M.).

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