Conference Papers Given in 2007

November. 'Seafarers & Environmental Crimes: The Dilemma'. Presented at the Crime narratives in context Workshop 6th. Euros – Cardiff University. (Abou-Elkawam, M.)

November.'The Embeddedness of Intimate Relationships: Seafarer-Partners in Cyberspace'. Presented at the 4th Global Conference – Persons and Sexuality in Salzburg, Austria (Tang, L.)

September. 'Inspection and Control in Regulating The Occupational Health and Safety in The Tanker Industry: The Perspective of The Regulated'. Work Employment and Society Conference, Aberdeen University, UK. (Bhattacharya, S.)

September.'Regulatory Influences on Safety Standards in The Shipping Industry'.A Joint Meeting of the Professional Societies, HQS Wellington, London, UK. (Bhattacharya, S.)

September.'The UK Tonnage Tax: State Strategies Within a Neoliberal paradigm'. Work Employment and Society Conference, Aberdeen. (Gekara, V.)

August. 'Safety Culture: The Influence of the ISM Code'. Maritime Administration Seminar, World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden. (Bhattacharya, S.)

July.'Seafarers’ Participation in Safety Management On-board Cargo Ships'. Presented and published in: SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University, UK . (Bhattacharya, S.)

July. 'Increasing Shipping Skills in The UK: ‘Bursting’ The Industry Myth of Diminishing Interest'. Presented and published in: SIRC Symposium, Cardiff. (Gekara, V.)

July.'The ‘Presence’ of The Absent Seafarers: Predicaments of Seafarer-Partners'. Presented and published in: SIRC Symposium, Cardiff. (Tang, L.)

June. 'Coping With Separation: Chinese Seafarer-Partners in Cyberspace', Presented at the 9th International Symposium of Maritime Health in Esjberg, Denmark. (Tang, L.)

February. 'How To Attract Future Officers and Masters: Lessons From The UK Tonnage Tax Experiment'. Bremen: The 14th Bremen Nautical Association Annual Seminar. (Gekara, V.)

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