Films to assist with changing practice

Understanding seafarers' living conditions: The story of Freddie - based on a decade of research, this animation brings our findings on the design of shipboard accommodation to life. Using an account of a fictitious engine cadet’s experience of his first vessel, the animation highlights the consequences of poor accommodation design for individual seafarers and for an industry keen to attract skilled and talented personnel.  Also see Recommended standard of accommodation for seafarers working on board cargo vessels.


Faith and the welfare of seafarers working on cargo ships - a film describing some of the findings from an ESRC funded project 'Religion in multi-ethnic contexts: a multidisciplinary case study of global seafaring'



Problem Ports: seafarers' stress and subjugation as a result of corrupt practices


For downloads and subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian click here


An Everyday Tale of Life at Sea - a free training resource designed to improve relationships between those working on ships and staff working ashore.  To request a copy of the animation and the training guide please complete a request form and send to Louise Deeley.



Material exchanges between ship staff and port personnel - video talk by Professor Helen Sampson about corruption in ports



Documents to assist with changing practice

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