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Issue 197 Jan/Feb 2009
Helen Sampson, The modern day challenges to seafarers' health

Issue 196 Nov/Dec 2008
Mohab Abou-Elkawam, Seafarers' quest for better auditing regimes

Issue 195 Sep/Oct 2008
Victor Gekara, Are there jobs for all in the shipping industry?

Issue 194 Jul/Aug 2008
Mick Bloor, Fatalities at sea: the good and the bad news

Issue 193 May/Jun 2008
Neil Ellis, Why should seafarers care about what researchers do?

Issue 192 Mar/Apr 2008
Nick Bailey, Passing ships' information

Issue 191 Jan/Feb 2008
Helen Sampson, Speaking up for better on-board welfare

Issue 190 Nov/Dec 2007
David Walters, Managing the risks from hazardous chemicals

Issue 189 Sep/Oct 2007
Erol Kahveci, The maritime security code three years on

Issue 188 Jul/Aug 2007
Bin Wu, Welcoming the Year of the Pig with a Chinese crew

Issue 187 May/Jun 2007
Nicholas Bailey, Changing views - the world through a porthole

Issue 186 Mar/Apr 2007
Erol Kahveci, Reviewing seafarers' welfare at sea and ashore

Issue 185 Jan/Feb 2007
Neil Ellis, How to take some of the stress out of the job

Issue 184 Nov/Dec 2006
Helen Sampson, Why we should talk about swimming pools

Issue 183 Sep/Oct 2006
Jessica Bernfeld, Second registers have to be judged on their merits

Issue 182 Jul/Aug 2006
Syamantak Bhattacharya, How well does the safety code really work?

Issue 181 May/Jun 2006
Victor Gekara, Recruits in need of a better deal

Issue 180 Mar/Apr 2006
Lijun Tang, On-line support and help for seafarers' partners

Issue 179 Jan/Feb 2006
Helen Sampson, Learning at sea

Issue 178 Nov/Dec 2005
Nik Winchester, Spotting a fake is no simple matter

Issue 177 Sept/Oct 2005
Neil Ellis, Key concerns about safety at sea

Issue 176 Jul/Aug 2005
Michelle Thomas, Improving access to health care

Issue 175 May/Jun 2005
Nick Bailey, Understanding shipboard risk

Issue 174 Mar/Apr 2005
Bin Wu, Who's who in the world's cruiseship crews?

Issue 173 Jan/Feb 2005
Jaime Veiga, What sort of seafarers do we want?

Issue 172 Nov/Dec 2004
Neil Ellis, Fatigue: what's known and what's being done

Issue 171 Sep/Oct 2004
Erol Kahveci, Cargo handling by seafarers

Issue 170 Jul/Aug 2004
Michelle Thomas, All in a day's work for seafarers?

Issue 169 May/Jun 2004
Phil Belcher, If it works properly, the benefits of AIS could be huge

Issue 168 Mar/Apr 2004
Mick Bloor, Ramesh Datta, Port state control inspectors - the seafarer's friend?

Issue 167 Jan/Feb 2004
Helen Sampson, Global wage for global workers

Issue 166 Nov/Dec 2003
Minghua Zhao, China's shipboard commissars take on welfare role

Issue 165 Sep/Oct 2003
Nik Winchester, Flags must hoist a different standard

Issue 164 Jul/Aug 2003
Nick Bailey, The prudent mariner takes avoiding action

Issue 163 May/Jun 2003
Bernardo Obando-Rojas, Increasing your employment potential

Issue 162 Mar/Apr 2003
Bernardo Obando-Rojas, New jobs for seafarers in short supply

Issue 161 Jan/Feb 2003
Erol Kahveci, Chaplains join crews to take welfare services to sea

Issue 160 Nov/Dec 2002
Helen Sampson, Destructive obedience and the importance of seafarer training

Issue 159 Sept/Oct 2002
Mick Bloor, How can we crack down on the cowboys?

Issue 158 Jul/Aug 2002
Michelle Thomas, Home is the sailor, home from the sea ...

Issue 157 May/Jun 2002
Bin Wu, Seafarers: the first global villagers?

Issue 156 Mar/Apr 2002
Jaime Veiga, The vital question of shipping's image

Issue 155 Jan/Feb 2002
Erol Kahveci, Seafarers' families: the children speak

Issue 154 Nov/Dec 2001
Phil Belcher, Seafarers, scapegoats and word processors

Issue 153 Septl/Oct 2001
Minghua Zhao, Unity and diversity at sea

Issue 152 Jul/Aug 2001
Tony Lane, Invisible seafarers, hidden ports

Issue 151 May/June 2001
Nik Winchester, How the squeeze on standards enables small flags to flourish

Issue 150 Mar/Apr 2001
Tony Lane, Study looks at mixed nationality crews

Issue 149, Jan/Feb 2001
Mick Bloor, Is seafaring becoming a less risky occupation?

Issue 148, Nov/Dec 2000
Mick Bloor, No longer dying for a living?

Issue 147, Sept/Oct 2000
Helen Sampson and Michelle Thomas, Bunkers or ballast?

Issue 146, July/August 2000
Helen Sampson, The modern approach to leisure and recreation aboard merchant ships: do it yourself!

Issue 145, May/June 2000
Minghua Zhao, Women seafarers on cruise ships

Issue 144, Mar/Apr 2000
Erol Kahveci, Focusing on family life


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