Seminars and Workshops in 2015

23 April-. 'Divergent workviews on cruise seafaring: Filipino perspectives', Breaking Boundaries 2015: An interdisciplinary conference in the Humanities and Social Sciences, University Graduate College, Cardiff University, (Llangco, M.O.S.)

17 July. 'The notion of ‘career’ in a globalized industry: The case of seafarers', WELM (Work Employment and the Labour Market), Cardiff University, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

5 November-6 November. 'Sailing through life at sea', 3rd British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA) PhD Symposium, Cardiff University, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

10 June-12 June. 'Sponsored Cadetship Programs in the Philippines', International PhD Seminar, Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University, Sweden, (Abila, S. S.)

5 November-6 November. 'Problematizing Workers Voice in Regulating Decent Work at Sea', 3rd British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA) PhD Symposium, Cardiff University, (Graham, C.A.E.)

February. 'Temporality, Unemployment, and Young Filipino Men's Navigation of Uncertain Futures', Sheffield International Institute of Development and Department of Geography Joint Seminar, University of Sheffield, February (Galam, R.)

16 April-17 April. 'Servility and Survivorship: 'Manila Utility Men' and Cultures of Masculine Waiting', Southeast Asian Seminar on Demographic Changes, Gender, and Politics, University of Copenhagen, (Galam, R.)

March. '"Utility Men", Servitude, and youth unemployment in the Philippines', Department of Indo-European and Pacific Cultures and Languages, University of Hawaii Manoa, March (Galam, R.)
12 August. Jean Monnet Research Methods Masterclass', Researching EU Law and Policy: the ethnographic researcher, Centre for European Law and Governance, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff Bay, (Graham, C.A.E.)

11 September. GW4 Workshop: Developing skills for research collaboration in ‘Sustainableutures'', Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University, (Graham, C.A.E.)

14 January. 'Exploring the relationship between occupational injuries and time into tour in the seafaring industry', South West branch of the Nautical Institute, Plymouth, 14 January (Devereux, H.)

Research Skill Training Courses in 2015

14 May. 'The Analysis of Narrative Interviews with Gerhard Riemann', Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data and Methods (WISERD), John Percival Building, Cardiff University, 14 May
29 January. 'Researcher Development Framework Online Planner Briefing', CU Graduate College, 29 January (Baum-Talmor, P.)

30 January. 'Employment Regulations in the UK for Overseas Students', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

10 February. 'Researcher Development Framework: Using the RDF to Plan and Evidence Your Skills ', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

11 March. 'Pathways to the PhD', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

17 April-. 'Careers in Focus: Research Management', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

12 June. 'Leadership at Lunchtime - Leading through Change', CU Graduate College, 12 June (Baum-Talmor, 'Small Group Teaching in the Humanities', CU Graduate College, 15 June (Baum-Talmor, P.)

7 October. 'Careers in Focus: Teaching in Schools', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

15 October-. 'Effective Researcher: The End is in Sight', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

20 October. 'Lectureship Applications and Interviews (Humanities/Social Sciences)', CU Graduate College, (Baum-Talmor, P.)

12 August. 'Ethnography, EU law/policy workshop', Norwegian Church Arts Centre, (Acejo, I.)

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