Seminars and Workshops in 2011

22 November. Baroness Helena Kennedy: Hadyn Ellis Distinguished Lecture, Cardiff. (Pia, J.)

11 November. Doctoral Student Conference, Cardiff. (Pia, J.)

21 September. Guy Standing Lecture: ILO as Agent of Globalisation. (Pia, J.)

11-15 September. Governance of Health and Safety of The Global Maritime Industry, XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, Istanbul, Turkey. (Lucero-Prisno, D.E.)

21 July. A Review of Doing Research About Women Seafarers: Women Seafarers and Their Identities, Cardiff University. (Kitada, M.)

10 July-2 September. The Lloyd's Register Educational Trust Research Collegium, Southampton. (Mlambo, T.)

9 June. Distinguished Lectures: Universities in Recession with Profs J Lovering, E Keep, K Matthews, P Brown, S Martin, Dr G Bristow. (Pia, J.)

6 June.  Wales for Africa International Development Summit, Cardiff. (Simons, S.)

19-20 April. Global Counter Terrorism Conference, Olympia, London. (Simons, S.) 

9 March. Cardiff Law School Seminar Series: Fear, Duty and Regulatory Compliance with Prof N Gunningham. (Pia, J.)

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Research Skills Training Courses attended in 2011

7 December. Working with Long Documents with Nick Russell. Cardiff University. (Pia, J.)

2 December. Atlas.ti (Qualitative Analysis Software). Cardiff University (Akamangwa, N.)

30 November. Keeping Research Up-to-Date with Rebecca Mogg. Cardiff University. (Pia, J.)

28 November. Effective Researcher with Dave Filipovic-Carter. Cardiff University. (Pia, J.)

25 November. Word: Working with Long Documents. Cardiff University (Akamangwa, N.)

17 November. Time Management. Cardiff University (Akamangwa, N.)

26 July. Writing Book Proposals (Humanities & Social Sciences). (Kataria, A.)

8 July. Atlas.ti (Qualitative Analysis Software). (Abila, S., Kataria, A.)

5 July. Publish a Journal Article in the Social & Economic Sciences. (Kataria, A.)

14 June. Researching/Writing A Literature Review in the Social Sciences. Cardiff University. (Abila, S., Pia, J.)

6 June. Mapping Your Mind - Creative Notemaking for Research. Cardiff University. (Abila, S.)

11 May. Managing Stress in Ph.D. Cardiff University. (Abila, S.)

11 May. Mock Viva. (Pia, J., Kataria, A.)

10 May. Practical Project Management for Research. Cardiff University. (Abila, S.)

22 February. Academic Writing in the Social Sciences (Advanced). Cardiff University. (Abila, S.)

17 February. Accessing and Understanding Archives. Cardiff University. (Abila, S.)

2 February-13 April. English Language Programme: Academic Writing. (Pia, J.)

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