Seminars and Workshops in 2008

11 December. Doing Criminology in A Hot Climate. (Galam, R.)

10 December. Social Theory and The Environment. School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. (Galam, R.)

10 December. Speeding The Economic Growth of Poorer Regions: Experience in China and The EU, City and Regional Planning. Cardiff University. (Galam, R.)

8 December. Perfectionism. Cardiff University, UK. (Zhao, Z.)

4 December. Conference Know-How. Cardiff University, UK. (Zhao, Z.)

1 December. Academic Writing in The Social Sciences: Advanced. Cardiff University, UK. (Zhao, Z.) 

8 July. Fatigue and Technology At Sea seminar. School of Psychology, Cardiff University (Abou-Elkawam, M.; Anand, N.; Bhattacharya, S.; Kitada, M; Mazhari, S.)

May. Re-scaling Geography, Global Political Economy Group. Cardiff University. (Turgo, N.)

20 February. Foundation Lecture: Politics of Place in A Globalised World; Speaker: Prof. Doreen Massey. (Dacanay, J., Gekara, V., Kitada, M., Turgo, N.)

12 February. Understanding Islam. (Li, L.)

16 January. Presentations To Visiting Hong Kong Polytechnic Masters Students. (all Fellows)

14 January. Marketing On A Shoestring. (Li, L.)

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Research Courses Attended in 2008

3 June. English for Research Writing. (Edmund, S.)

3 June. Mapping Your Mind - Creative Notemaking for Research / Dr Stephen Hutchinson. (Edmund, S.)

8 July. What Next? Career Planning for PhD Students. (Leong, P.)

26 June. Excel: Using Macros. (Leong, P.)

24 June. Effective Researcher. (Leong, P.)

18 June. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. (Leong, P.)

17 June. Staying Safe When Doing Research: The Need for Preparation & Planning in Social Science Studies. (Leong, P.)

28 May. Research Governance in the Social Sciences: Research Ethics. (Anand, N.)

8 May. Quantitative Analysis Using Stata (Social Sciences). (Anand, N.)

May. Publishing in the Social Sciences, Cardiff University. (Turgo, N.)

17 April. Introduction to SPSS. (Anand, N.)

18 March. Effective Researcher. (Dacanay, J.)

14 March. Word: Working with Long Documents. (Dacanay, J.)

20-21 February. How to Take Part in an Assessed Centre. (Li, L.)

20 February. Using Microsoft Access to Organise Your Data. (Anand, N.)

18 January. Rapid Reading. (Anand, N.)

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