Conference Papers Given in 2013

28 October. 'One World Classroom for Future Seafarers: A Design of a New Virtual e-learning Environment for Maritime Education and Training, Interim Report,' IAMU AGA14 Conference, Constanta, Romania, (Kitada, M.).

5-7 October. 'The Impact of Maritime Piracy on Seafarers and their families', Mission to Seafarers Post-trauma Care Seafarers’ Ministerial Training (SMT), Sunningdale, London, (Simons, S.A.).

26 August-27 August. '"Amoy Isda" (Smelling Like Fish): The Modern Life of Market Fishmongers in a Philippine Fishing Community', 3rd Annual International Conference on Political Science, Sociology and International Relations, Singapore, (Turgo, N.).

06 August. 'Behaving as a Queen or a King?: Leadership and Governance of Women Seafarers for Sustainable Maritime Labour', The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences, Osaka, Japan, (Kitada, M.).

04 July-05 July. 'The Emergence of a ‘PRC/Foreign Talent’ Race in Singapore: Nationality, Quasi-Racism and Immigration Politics Through The Philosophical-Psychoanalytic Lens of Desire', Race, Migration, Citizenship – conference organized by Theory Study Group, British Sociological Association, Birmingham, (Yang, P.).

03 July-04 July. 'The Use of Mandatory Equipment On-Board – A New Study', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University (Turgo, N.).

03 July-04 July. 'Behind The Headlines? An Analysis of Accident Investigation Reports', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University (Tang. L.).

03 July-04 July. 'Understanding The Relationships Between Ship and Shore Personnel – A New Study', SIRC Symposium, Cardiff University (Acejo,I.).

01 July-02 July. 'Deciphering The Nationality Signifier: The Case Studies of “Singapore” and “China”', IACS Graduate Conference 2013 – Cultural Studies Transcending Borders: Shifting Perspectives in Asia, National University of Singapore, (Yang, P.).

20 June. 'Moral Education in Chinese Middle Schools: Ethnographic Perspectives from a Speech Contest in a Jiangxi School', AREC (Association for Research into Education of China) Annual Conference 2013, Institute of Education, London, (Yang, P.).

04 June-07 June. 'Mental Health of Seafarers', 12th International Symposium on Maritime Health, Brest, France, (Tang, L.).

29 May. 'Ideological Rhetoric, Pragmatic Desire, and Global Horizon: Chinese Middle School Education As Infrastructures of Desire', SchoolScapes: Educational Imaginaries in Comparative and International Contexts, A conference sponsored by The Centre for Comparative and International Education Research (CCIER), Department of Education, University of Oxford, May (Yang, P.).

23 May-24 May. 'Privilege, Prejudice, Predicament: The 'PRC Scholars’ As 'Foreign Talents’ in Singapore and Their Experiences', Chinese Students, Teachers and Scholars Abroad: Myths and Realities, University of Helsinki, Finland, (Yang, P.).

16 April. 'Listen To Our Voices: Current Status of Women Seafarers', The IMO regional conference of women seafarers, Busan, South Korea, (Kitada, M.).

09 March-10 March. 'Authenticity in The Relative and Negative: National Identity and ‘Foreign Talents’ in Singapore', Southeast Asian Studies Symposium 2013, Oxford, (Yang, P.).

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